By amandoAlentejo

Getting Closer

...my dream of scissoring off a bunch of grapes to give visitors for their dessert. Plus, of course, shade on our patio.

But fighting the birds again, blackbirds this time. Bold as brass, strutting along, picking a grape and sitting in the bay tree to eat in, the whole time I was on a long phone call to do with work. I don't mind sharing, but I would like some of the fruit we've invested so much time, effort and water into.

Totally agree with Arwa Mahdawi's article on the Titan/Titanic tragedy. The word hubris also comes to mind. 

Painted a metal gate that Mike has made, with red oxide. Also changed and washed the bedding, turned the mattress, washed and stored the electric blanket, won't be needing that for a while. Bear in mind that all bedmaking is on a platform higher than I am - not easy.

- the smell of Buon Giorno Colombian coffee in the morning
- pink and yellow roses on our table from my pruning yesterday
- first Portuguese class with a beloved student

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