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By Sallymair

Doing the pots!

I'm in Eyemouth overnight tonight and although the weather is not as it was it's been very pleasant and warm. I thought the shot of Eyemouth Beach looking out to the small fishing boats emptying lobster pots could have been taken almost anywhere.
I had the most delicious dinner of local scampi, a half portion, as I know my limitations, in a small and very friendly pub. It was hooching but they'd kept me a table and the service was excellent. The scampi was in light batter and so succulent.
The gulls are in good voice tonight, it reminds me of my childhood summers on the coast in North Wales.
I was hanging around the harbour area before dinner tonight when a small fishing boat came in. When it moored the men on board spent the next hour or so throwing scraps of fish to the seals in the harbour. I think there were four seals and they were clearly well fed, they were huge!
On my way, I passed a group of young people at the harbour wall between the harbour and the beach. They were canoeing and swimming and some were doing water bombs off the wall into the water. I knew I had officially moved up a generation when ones of them shouted at me to jump in. "Who is she?" his friend asked, "I don't know" came the reply, then he shouted again, " Go on Granny, jump"!
Not Mrs, or Hen, or Aunty, but with no hesitation, Granny! Hmmmph!
Home again tomorrow, I may pick up some fish at the harbour on my way.

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