David J. Rose

By djrose007

DAVE WOZ 'ERE & Blipmeet.

I suppose I've left my mark, for a couple of days anyway. The patch is where my tent was erected for the past week.
Had an exciting message from Karen (KarenC's latest photos | Blipfoto). She, and her husband Alan, were touring France while I was in Belgium, plus nipping into France for the Arras and Vimmy trips. She asked when I was returning to the UK and I told her 11:50 Le Shuttle (Tunnel Sur Le Manche (that's yer actual French)). Turned out they were on the same train.
When I checked in I was offered an earlier train and, as I was with a group, we all agreed to accept it. But so did Karen and Alan :-)
I spotted them in the queue the French immigration passport check, yes, there's a British one too! They were unmissable having a lovely caravanette type vehicle plus towing a small caravan pod. They didn't see me until we were all put into our queues for boarding, the motorcycles go into a separate queue and are boarded last.
When we spotted each other we waved and then I stopped, put the bike on the stand as she was running over.
What a great BlipMeet, Alan took a photograph and, as Karen is no longer Blipping, she said that I could use it if I wanted. I've added it as an EXTRA - Thanks Karen and Alan.. We did meet once before, when she was with friends in the Champagne Bar of St Pancras Station and I was in London for the Remembrance Veterans Parade. What a great coincidence that we were in the same place at the same time.
The other Extra is my bike on the train. One of my friends, with his Honda Goldwing trike, was in front, the others were in the next carriage behind me.

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