By Mrsmacdub

Isle of Wight

We had a lazy morning, a leisurely breakfast and lots of chat. The men went out for a walk, but I was happy to have some quiet time to catch up with emails and messages.  Around 12:30pm we all set off for Totland Bay to have lunch at The Waterfront - a restaurant down a steep set of steps right on the water.  We had a delicious Sunday Lunch and a lovely red wine.  We had planned to treat our hosts, but they would have none of it.  They said we’d paid a lot of money to get over here and it was definitely their treat.  So very generous of them!  The day was very sunny, but there was a strong, cold wind.  After we arrived back home we had coffee.  We couldn’t have it at the restaurant as their coffee machine was broken.  We had a quiet afternoon, checked out some accommodation that we need when we get back to New Zealand, and I managed to get more emails and messages done, as well as preparing my blip.  We ended the day watching Elton John at Glastonbury.

The blip shows the view of Totland Bay from the top of the steps, looking down the steps, a view across to Hurst Castle Artillery Fortress, the resident duck pecking at the peanuts he’s just been given as an evening snack, and two lovely flowers in the garden.

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