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Stranded Vehicle!

We have come away to Solihull for a couple of nights…sadly to attend a family funeral tomorrow afternoon. We decided to travel down today and stay overnight rather than risk the journey on a  Monday morning…but we came unstuck on the M1..what should have been a two hour trip took us over four hours…

This was the reason….a ‘stranded vehicle’…which was actually a van fire…although by the time we got to it, it was a charred wreck being hauled onto the back of a breakdown truck. Actually went down from four lanes to two. Miles and miles and miles of tailbacks as a result. We were lucky to get up to 10 mph..and this gantry optimistically signals 50

My mum and my sister have travelled up from Hampshire and are staying tonight, but they are going home after the funeral. We decided to stay a second night rather than face the motorway(s) in the evening rush.

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