By 4Sam3388

Coolkat Meerkat

We took the grand kids to the Auckland Zoo today. I think most families in Auckland had the same idea.

It was a lovely day and parking within a mile of the zoo seemed impossible.

The kids loved the giraffes and I tried to get a worthy shot of them with a giraffe in the background but that didn't work.

I have a great shot of a rhinoceros arse which I was tempted to post for Houghty's benefit. He is a mate of mine and deserves a wind up. I am however going to use the rhino arse as his profile picture on my cellphone when he rings me.

I have an awesome elephant shot but I reckon the Meerkats are so cool. This character stood up on the log and looked around continuously. I am sure he looked dead straight at me taking the shot with a "WTF are you doing" thought in his mind.

One of the best creatures you will see at a zoo. Especially Auckland Zoo who have done a fine job in showing off the best of the best in a truly well designed facility.

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