While on my runs

By waipushrink

Not quite too dark

Another stop at Western Springs for a walk by the edge of the lake with my camera. At the time I arrived the traffic was building up on Great North Road, which I had to cross to get to the park around the lake. There is a safety zone in the centre of the road, so with patience it is a safe crossing.

This evening it nearly wasn't.A mother with a child in a push chair and an older lad walking alongside crossed to the centre at the same time as me. And then a car stopped to let us cross to the other side, and the boy began to run as I saw a car accelerating from behind the stopped cars. I called out, and his mother grabbed him and no one was hurt but there were two very shaken adults.

I was pleased to get a couple of good bird photos afterwards. This is one of the clearest sightings I've had this year of a little Tauhou (Silvereye). The extra is a female putangitangi (paradise shelduck)

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