Capturing my Journey

By thedoglady

Morning encounter

With a black bear. Not that far from our house. The closest the dogs have been to one and me! He was not bothered by us even when breagh took a disliking to him and started barking. We made a retreat. I now realise the noise in our trees by our house I heard the other morning is probably this guy. I knew it was something big but thought maybe a moose. The black bears seem to be live and let live in attitude. The dogs were curious as to what he was having not seen a bear before.

I helped husband round up the 700 pairs of cows and calves and get them heading down the track. Pip and Dris enjoyed helping out. We got them so far and left them to remother. 

“Bears not only make the habitat rich, but they also enrich us just by being.” — Linda Jo Hunter

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