By earthdreamer

Waiting at the Nail Bar

I've been struggling to find any time in the day for either photography or journaling. I'm focussed so much on words for the novel that I'm spent when it comes to words for anything else. I'm on the final push and it's going well, despite the major distractions of cricket, cycling and tennis. The sport has been sensational.

I was in the office today, with a chance to revisit my old stomping ground of Market Square. This is where, ten years ago, I fell in love with street photography, wanting to find something interesting to post here every day. It takes time and patience and no little bravado, three things I feel short of at the moment.

I took this photograph on instinct and have thought long and hard about posting it. It must be one of my very favourite images from Shipley, ever, not that I can really explain why. It captures something totally ordinary yet I recognise something special in it nonetheless. It's the kind of image that isn't taken much any more. Perhaps that's why I want to try posting it, to see how that feels.

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