By isbi


This historic house in Leura was built in 1910-14. For the last 40 years it has housed a toy museum but that is now closed and there is an auction this weekend of the remaining contents.
Rotary were doing a sausage sizzle so I wandered along to have a look. Sadly the house has not been well maintained in recent years and the things for sale were obviously the remnants (the good stuff having been prevously disposed of).
The grounds (4 acres) however are magnificent, as will be the house with a bit of TLC.

Being Silly Saturday, I've included an extra of the iconic hills hoist (clothesline). You would think such a stately home would have had a more impressive example. Maybe it's the original one.

Another silly thing happened today. After years of near misses I finally managed to lose my phone and found it face down in the toilet. I knew you shouldn't put it in your back pocket:-(
I assumed that would be the end of it, but I fished it out, rinsed and dried it and it was happily still working. They must have improved over the years.
But when it ran out of battery I put it on the charger and after reaching 15% it informs me that there is water in lightning socket and to let it dry out!

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