Hev’s Journal

By Hevkk

Feeling A Little Nettled

It's been a very busy few days. We had to empty and redecorate our kitchen in preparation for the new one. It is all done and we spent the day putting everything back. 

Yesterday our neighbour had a party. We were invited but it was double booked so we had to make our apologies. However Jak had other ideas when we got home last night. He saw the open gate, smelt the food and  heard the voices. He couldn't resist and shot through the gate at high speed. He shot under the tables loaded with glasses, ran to everyone he could reach and straight in the house. I grabbed him, made my embarrassed apologies and dragged him away. I thought I would pop back and apologise properly but he did it again! How nothing got broken I don't know. I swear that dog was grinning from ear to ear. Fortunately he was a big hit with the guests.

This morning my neighbours 'punished' me with several bunches of flowers (they are going away and didn't want them wasted) and a bottle of wine as a 'kitchen warming' gift. 

I have now advertised Jak as available for weddings, birthdays.......

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