By pandammonium

Golden leaves

The leaves aren’t becoming prematurely autumnal; the setting sun coated all it could see with gold spray paint.

I was halfway through writing you a post full of anecdotes, but I accidentally swiped it away. My description/explanation of the photo was much better in the first attempt, but I can’t remember exactly what. I’ve given you the gist; it’s not as good.

I can’t be bothered writing it all out again at this time, so here is a summary:
• Henry passed his MOT, but probably won’t last much longer. This makes for a tearful Pandammonium.
• Mr Perkins is going to the v-e-t this week for his vaccination boosters. <Insert a lovely anecdote about Mr Perkins and his little ways here.>
• I went to a writing workshop instead of going to Pilates this evening. This means no DOMS tomorrow or on Wednesday, and perhaps Simon will become a real boy man – in my head at least.

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