By Yanzi

Roadtrippin' - Day 1

The first of six glorious days of marathon mountain/highway driving,
rock climbing,
glorious pissing,
tent pitching,
campfood cooking,
sun basking,
trail exploring,
and bandana-tying.

Tasting all things adventure and summer on the tip of our freshman, finals-beaten tongues, we - Dennis Shoes, Morgano, Lady Larmalade, and myself - began our 16 hour drive from Wisconsin to the Colorado Rockies.

The 500 some miles along I-80, possibly the most boring interstate known to man, was made more than bearable by sing-a-longs (shoutout to the Black-Eyed Peas, the Beatles, Kansas, and Coldplay) and gourmet rest-stop meal breaks.

We pulled into the drive of Larm's Unkie's driveway late that night, ready to hit the sack and start Monday morning with the purest of human desire for ADVENTURE.

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