Sharon's Progress

By shazzieb

Of all the pictures…

… I could have shared of beautiful Knaresborough, I give you the bark of one of the very old beech trees leading to Mother Shipton’s cave. In fairness, I think it’s fab bark & a sight of the town you may not otherwise see.

Yes, I made a wish in the well and no, I won’t tell you what I wished for. We fended off Steve the Pirate before Gavin was lured away by a mermaid. I won him back from the siren’s grasp in a selfless act of derring do (had a chat with her, she was lovely). Saw a deer & a kingfisher. Stopped at the World’s End (pub) & had a skallywag (spiced fruit bun) at The Ugly Duckling. Gorgeous walk along the rain-soaked Nidd under the awesome viaduct. Foiled Gavin’s scrumping exploits. Had a chat with Alan from Detroit before he went to dinner at Guy Fawkes. All in all, a fantastic day & kindly people. We will be back again but tomorrow we turn for home with a wee visit to York en route :)

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