David J. Rose

By djrose007

Landfill Sheep

Started to sort out the 'Garage Attic', as opposed to the main 'Roof Attic'. There is so much stuff up there, boxes and boxes of memorabilia, childrens books, household stuff being stored for 'children' as they don't have the space for it all, suitcases, and odds and ends. Not to mention the multiple boxes of Christmas decorations, baubles, wreaths, trees etc. DOH, I said not to mention them and then I did!
I filled the back of the i20, with the seats down of course, with metal things, tons of cushions, old clothes (there were two plastic wardrobes in the attic) and general junk.
I've started to go through the boxes, starting with the childrens books. Some will be kept but the majority will go to the library, and maybe nursery's. Some of the books gave us a laugh as they were written in with some unintentionally funny comments.
And the photograph is some of the sheep that are living above the landfill. I've mentioned before, a long time ago, that there is no landfill in Gloucester now, but we do have a controversial incineration site.  It has been built in the 'Javelin Park' business site which used to be the location of RAF Moreton Valance.
All the landfill has been covered with composted garden waste, collected through the recycling system along with other recycling boxes and bags. It is then topped off with topsoil, not sure where that comes from. It is then seeded and populated with the sheep, which appear to be multiplying somehow so it obviously agrees with them.

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