By Ingeborg

Chinese ladder

Today started with clouds and a visit to the hairdresser, something I really don't like, but it needs to be done at least every two months. I don't know why hairdressers either want to straighten my curls or give me a frizzy curl do. Even when I tell them that I just want the kind of hairdo I had when I came in, which is neither of those choices, I still end up with something I didn't ask for. But at least I can wash it and set it the way I want it afterwards.

Anyway, the sun didn't appear until in the afternoon, I did go on a walk but the one picture I took then is not really what I want to Blip.

In the Flickr group where we're doing a fortnightly alphabet challenge we're now in the weeks ruled by the letter L. L for Ladder is one of the 3 possible subjects.
This is our Chinese ladder, which I bought in Singapore as an alternative to hold the towels in the guest bathroom there, as there were no towel racks. It now functions as decoration and holder of my shawls in the hall. Today I've been trying to capture it in all kinds of ways and this one appeals most to me, because of the shadows of the ladder. The chest/box is a rattan box from Indonesia, as is the handpainted waxed paper parasol.

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