Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive

Mit einem blauen Auge davongekommen

So my home county dodged a bullet. Besides a few submerged basements and street no real damage was done by the rising Isar. The Danube wasn't that mild towards a few other cities though: the medieval city of Regenburg was flooded by the first wave today morning. And further downstream close to the city of Deggendorf the dykes broke. And the historic city center of Passau is overflooded since Saturday - but they are used to it.

So, I wasn't very keen on doing another water shot, although I thought about photographing the Isar in Munich. It's rather impressive right now, but completely within its boundaries. But it was a warm and sunny day today (the first one in weeks it seems) so I hoped for a decent sunset. I blipped the Highlight Towers before from a three very different angles (#1, #2, #3) but never at sunset. The somewhat smaller tower in the right background is called Münchner Tor, as it forms kind of a entrance gate with the Highlight Towers.

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