Living my dream

By Mima


My three young hazel trees (planted four years ago) have developed both catkins (the male flowers) and buds with red filaments (the female flowers). Both are visible in this shot. 

The trees are dripping with catkins for the first time and it bodes well for the development of nuts for harvest in autumn. 

Despite their proximity on the branch, self pollination doesn’t work very effectively for hazels, so the hope is that pollen from the catkins will waft over to the other trees to pollinate the red buds. Then I’ll have nuts.

The weather improved today. The sun was out and I spent some time doing garden jobs. 

Bean and I had a lovely walk with the sun on our backs, and then in our eyes when we turned for home. It was a walk interrupted by the soapmaker inviting us in for a cuppa when we passed. 

He is renovating a 1935 cottage and it is always fascinating to see his progress. It’s all being done single-handed and everything is second hand, recycled or gifted to him. Very inspiring.

A good day for living.

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