Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

There's been a Murrrrder!

Up nice and early today to head to Tewkesbury for a two day team building event.

After the recent restructure it was the first time bringing the new team together again.  I want to make sure we had some fun, got to know each other and encouraged a collaborative approach.

In the morning we had a fun activity with a company who ran a CSI Investigates style workshop.  It was great fun, we broke up into two teams and made sure the departments were split up.  At the end we had to do a video to appeal for information and had a laugh with it, we used the Crimestoppers music as our intro and ending.  Lol!  Can't wait to get the videos and share them with the team.

In the afternoon we had a speaker, Dr Paul Thomas, talk to us all about leadership and trust.  It went down really well.

At our evening meal I got everyone to bring an artefact or a photo that means something to them, what drives them etc.  It was fantastic and really helps build those relationships.

I left them to enjoy themselves in the evening.  I'm sure some were up very late.

Today I am thankful for:

1.  A really good day of team building

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