Now we have everything

By Gembop

What a difference a few weeks make

Surely it wasn't two minutes ago he was laying in his cosy like this? 109 days and 17 weeks later!

I shouldn't get nostalgic just yet, I know, but doing my pregnancy photo book today really hit it home how fast it's all going!

Anyhoo, I left the party at a very respectable 10:30pm last night, and was home within an hour. That didn't stop me feeling rubbish this morning.

After getting up early as usual, we ended up going back to bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was lovely! And this was after Charlie fell asleep in another unusual place this morning: his bouncer. Maybe he's starting to embrace naps! I won't count on it ;)

He also surprised me today by picking up his dummy and putting it in his mouth! I'm sure it was a fluke that it was the right way round, but made me smile.

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