By Veronica

At the Aiguaclara

We finally made it back to Begur -- we've been meaning to spend a couple of days here for months, but weather and other commitments kept preventing it. This is going to be a quick blip because in our casual packing this morning, I forgot the power cable for the computer :)

We had long decided that when we came back we'd stay at the Aiguaclara, a shabby chic hotel in one of the casas indianas, because we'd been to the restaurant several times and enjoyed the food, the ambiance, and the friendly staff. So here we are, in a lovely room with an antechamber and a large balcony with views of the church and the castle. It's a beautiful day, we've eaten tapas, been to the beach, had some ice cream, and we're dining here later. ¡Hasta luego!

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