Yes! We 'ave some bananas!

And these were purchased today along with items on my shopping list. 

Had a U-Tube interval class this morning, that Wendy, my keep fit instructor had set up for her classes as she recovers from her cataract operation. 

As I was getting ready to go out I noticed the ants were flying. Didn't seem to be much change in the temperature here at home, but when I arrived around to Sainsbury's, the humidity had climbed, just as it does before a thunder storm. There were a lot more ants flying there. A couple that had landed on me got sorted in the store, and stamped on. By the time I did my shopping (about 30mins) and came out of the store the air had cleared and no ants in sight.

But sun is shining and the outside temperature has risen to 25'C, and 21'C here in the study :-)

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