By wlmjr

Make an impression.

Nature arduously yet delicately produced atop human constructed access ways. Her signature forensically forged for all those to witness whilst taking the world in stride & observing one's surroundings.

Erosion caused markings reminding passersby of the entertaining effects by immense power & influences of natural environmental occurrences against our urban landscapes. Weathering subtly breaks down & dissolves rock over time, rendering even the most resilient commercialized building material compromised. Fossilization is a years long painstaking pastime where the sidewalk ends.

The fossil record of the leaves is now but a trace of once-living organisms from a past geological state. Strangely, remnants of the trees themselves (which were removed long ago to make way for endless concrete paths & driveways) have now somehow been preserved as evidence where their presence once dominated the very ground many walk upon daily without regard to the ecosystem of yesteryears. Albeit, tree roots likely equate to disaster as buckling concrete begins. Imagine the potential however for devastation during the initial design & construction planning of any project requiring significant tree and vegetation removal.

At least these unobtrusive dainty designs will assuredly adorn the busy pathways for some time to come. Serving as a reminder. Watch your step my friends... everything is under our feet.

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