My life fragments 2023

By MrsLinda


Stachelberg & Trutnov. Stachelberg is the largest fortress in Czechia and one of the largest ones in Europe. It’s a must see and I was able to empathize with all the workers, engineers and soldiers learning about the Munich Agreement half way through the construction. All the 3,5 kilometres of underground corridors and halls were finished, 1,500 workers were working there day and night. The whole complex was supposed to house 1,000 soldiers at a time, 500 men in the barracks underground and 500 above. I can’t image their feelings of despair when deprived from even a chance to defend their homeland. After so much investment into the fortification projects on our borders they were forced to give up. This is what the Czechs suggesting truce between the Russian terrorists and Ukraine should always keep in mind.

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