While on my runs

By waipushrink

New leaves

It is S' birthday on Monday. So today I took her to Kings Nursery to choose a plant or three. We found a wonderful large orchid which is able to be an inside or an outside plant. Half the flowers are yet to emerge, and many of the other orchids had no flower buds. 

Later this afternoon daughter J visited us, following which I went for a jog. I'm still a bit anxious about my right calf muscle strain. So I walked rather more than I had been pre-injury, and am pleased that it was pain-free throughout.

On the opposite side of the road from the Woodlands Park primary school was a Tui in tree with a few new green leaves. And no flowers. A quick look at the first photo, didn't appeal so I moved to a side on position and took three more photos.

Looked at on the computer, the first photo appealed most because of the minimal colour everywhere except the new leaves. Best seen large

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