Lost in Thought

By steveng

Mechanical 3 (MM499)

This will be my 3rd mechanical blip in a row. 
For mono Monday's challenge on the theme of sounds.
I can usually tell when Gill is using this sewing machine - well before I see it.  It's not loud but it does have a very distinctive sound.  It's the one she uses for the fabric arts pieces I often blip.  This current project is based on a Nigella seed pod, two of the parts are on the machine. 
The background is a partial print from this previous blip which looks pretty good printed onto some thin fabric by my photo printer. 

I'll no doubt blip the final result. 

Posted off my first roll of film (this year) on Saturday so I should be resurrecting my film journal soon!

Thanks to loulou164 for hosting Mono Monday

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