By Ridgeback13


Spent a fair bit of the morning with Tweedie sitting outside the Scottish gallery cafe with coffee, an Aberdeen buttery and a ‘breakfast salad’ (all rather confused at that description of fruit, yoghurt and granola!), chatting about holidays, shopping, archaeology, charity governance and remembering/forgetting names. Lovely to catch up and have such a relaxed chat.
From there S and I walked over to the Cafe Royal for lunch before I had a fundraising meeting and she went to a show (Andre and Dorine) …a gentle masked show about dementia. We met up later and went to see a hilarious, clever and somewhat daft show with The Umbilical Brothers. Hard to describe but excellent, with green screens and special filming effects, very funny performers and pretty much non stop laughs. We really enjoyed it (makes a change for some of the intensity of the international festival stuff!)
Straight from there to Food by Geoff Sobelle (spoiler alert….if you’re going to see it don’t read further!). We started being seated round an enormous dinner table and he then talked us through the evolution of our relationship with food and acted as a waiter to serve up various foods to people around the table, with some magic and effects to conjure them up and then subsequently when he apparently ate and drank everything on the table really quickly. He then whisked off the tablecloth and revealed bare earth….from which he then began to conjure modern civilisation. Can’t really describe how he did it but involved lots of surprises and audience participation running lorries around the scene and placing houses and we ended up with a full cityscape before he disappeared down through the middle. Incredible but very hard to categorise or describe. Apparently he was behind the show I’d seen in 2018 called ‘Home’ where the cast built a whole house on set during the play…..so inventive yet strange. Home and watched another episode of the OxyContin series before bed…
Good day!

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