My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd

Yes we have Bananas

Today I went to visit my Niece, I've never been there before & my Sat Nav messed up, so I had to try & use my mobile Data to find where she lives; also I had to remember her address as I'd not got it written down, it was in my SAT NAV. 
So I remembered part of her address & went there, then I called her to say I thought I was there, but NO, I'd only remembered part of her address; so I tried again, now I had correct address; thank goodness my mobile phone came to the rescue.
I was greeted by my niece & I went into her home & chatted to her & 2 of her daughters; the other one was out with her Boyfriend.
My niece showed me her Banana plants..... How amazing is that, she has Bananas growing on them.
Just before I left she dug up a little Banana plant for me to bring home.
I hope it lives & I too get Bananas one day.

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