Tonto McDuff

By TontoMcDuff

Waiting for Green

Had a bit of a problem with my new 50mm prime lens last night. It seemed to have decided to stop focusing on anything closer than 1.5m.

So I had it all boxed up and ready to post back to where it came from as I travelled into work. As I knew I 'd be spending some of my lunch queuing at the post office I stayed on the train to Waverley and wandered around there for a bit in the early morning sunshine with the old lens on.

And I was really quite happy with what I got there. On any other day either Middle of the Road or Diamond Dude would have made it.

However on my way back from the post office I just had to keep on blipping. I was very, very tempted to post The Big Lebows, but my cyclist just shaded it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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