Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

This chap has been visiting our company delivering some Computer Aided Design training to a number of our engineers over the past couple of weeks.

He has a background working for a company designing food manufacturing equipment, large scale bakeries and the like. All fairly straightforward.

Whilst I was in a course I decided that I would get a picture, so brought my camera along, and then we got chatting abut cameras, and how the likes of the Canon 5D mk2 has made quite a change to film making etc.

It was obvious that something had caught his attention, it was then that the other side to his life was revealed. Previous to, and also as a parallel career to his work as a CAD instructor and mentor he had a career as a stuntman....Yep a stuntman.

Choreographing fights and taking part in fight scenes etc. through this he got an opportunity to act in a film, and this lead to him showing a script he had been writing to some people. They showed other people and before you know it, he is writing, directing and starring in his own movie!

He is now working on another film which is currently in production. Its amazing how easy it is to make assumptions about someone, based on their look, their job, that kind of thing, when behind all of that can be something very different.

Apparently, he doesn't normally have long hair like this. Its for his role. Here is a picture perhaps more representative.

Thanks for letting me take your picture. Perhaps it wasn't too big an ask, bit of an occupational hazard really!

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