I Witness

By KangaZu

Ruby-throated Hummingbird ...

... silhouette.

When I was sitting in the back this morning I was surprised when this hummingbird flew onto the flowers sitting almost right next to me.  Unfortunately, they were in the shadows.  I took some pictures anyway and was really happy with the silhouette effect in some of them.  Please view full screen.

We are both really busy around the house today getting ready for our upcoming vacation.  As some of you guessed from yesterday's blip we will be travelling to Seattle, Washington.  I have a milestone birthday in a couple of days and I wanted to do something special.  We have tickets to the Seattle Seahawks game on Sunday ... something I'm very excited about as seeing the Seahawks play in person is definitely on my Bucket List.   And we have much more planned. 

There wasn't much time for much else today ... but I did have some fun in the pool in the afternoon.  In Extras is a shot of what is probably going to be my final pool selfie for the season.  

We did manage a quick walk after supper ... but it was very quick!

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