One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Dapper Birthday Boy (and his idiot sister)

Our first born. 
Our first in junior school.
Our first in secondary school.
Our first teenager. 
Our first in college. 
Our first no longer qualifying as a teenager. 

Well done Bouboudge. You have thankfully achieved much more than a spectacular moustache in the last year. You have taken to university like a duck to water. You are doing a course that you love and you are giving it all you have, willingly, diligently, with great passion, and energy and maturity. 
I am glad that you now must be known not just as the strange guy with the weird 1920s clothes but also the weird guy who knows shit loads about history. And can articulate it with ease, and method, and depth. 
Your recent experience of working full time as a tour guide has also done wonders for you. It has boosted your confidence, and your ability to do small talk (!!!) and you are now so much more independent. Financially, logistically, emotionally. We're still here, in the periphery. We know that you like getting more space, have it. You handle it well. 
Carry on, Luca. You're doing great. You devote a lot of time and energy to appearance, but I am glad to report that you also have some substance. Never forget the latter! 
Joyeux vingtième anniversaire Bouboudge. 

In the extra, your sister is demonstrating the perfect "oh-shit-i've-just-blown-two-candles-by-mistake" look. 

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