All part of the story

By Treshnish

Surface tension

There is a rising tension in the farmhouse tonight, with Open Farm Sunday tomorrow and still lots of work to be done before the farm gate 'opens'.

A real blip-meet today! I spent an enjoyable hour with TheWren in Tobermory - it was a pleasure to meet her! This evening an unscheduled second blip encounter as Skyran came looking for something she had lost, and found the sunset instead.

We took time out to walk up to the lochan as the sun was setting. We can see for certain now, that the dam wall does have a tiny leak. I think I need to visualise that lightly resting feather and calm down a bit before tomorrow.

I am not getting enough time to look at other journals at the moment, I do apologise, and look forward to catching up with them soon.

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