Snuggling .....

at sunset.

After work this evening I had a walk up to the Cow and Calf rocks above Ilkley to watch the sunset. I set off just before 9pm and managed to get up there 10 minutes before the sun hit the horizon. I wasn't the only one up there today, there was a group of teenagers setting up a tent for the night, a couple enjoying the sunset, another photographer with his camera on a tripod and also fellow blipper Spartan.

I took a number of photos of the sun setting, including this one of the couple having a snuggle sat on top of the quarry stones. Once the sun had set myself and Spartan popped down to the cow & Calf hotel for a pint whilst I waited for it to get dark enough for a bit of satellite spotting. There were a few folk in the hotel beer garden who had had a few too many drinks in the sun today so we sensibly sat inside.

When our pints were finished and the sky was a bit darker, Spartan joined me to watch the ATV-4 space cargo shuttle fly over, it was launched on Wednesday and is currently on course to dock with the International Space Station ( ISS ) next week to deliver supplies. Spartan was too cold to stay out ( he doesn't have the insulating layer of fat that I have ) So we said our goodbyes so that he could go and warm up whilst I carried on satellite spotting on the moor. I took a photo of the ISS trail and then had a wander over to the other side of the moor stopping to watch satellites on the way before heading back home and taking one last photo of the faint ATV-4 trail over some rooftops.

It's been an enjoyable evening and I've taken a few photos that I would have happily blipped and put those in a set HERE, but this one won for me, so today's blip is .....

..... Snuggling at sunset.

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