....We Few, We Happy Few

By paul1332

Eggsellent TV

I have to explain that the only reason I watch Britain's Got Talent is because my daughter enjoys it. I view it as my embodiment of the sentiment expressed by most parents of "being willing to take a bullet for their off spring". I find it painful but manage to keep these thoughts to myself in the main. I can however admit that tonight I just loved this moment when a random stranger (not for long) managed to get on to the stage of the live show during a performance of The Impossible Dream (there is dramatic irony in that song title I'm sure) and began pelting Simon Cowell with eggs. I loved how she managed to fire off at least two before security (again almost ironic) decided they best intervene. Of course this will be the water cooler conversation on Monday. Sorry about that Attraction but that's just how we Brits are. As I don't watch this show on a regular basis I missed the explanation of why a group from Hungary can enter "Britain's Got Talent". I'm sure it all makes perfect sense.

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