Shona J

By Iana

Dunsky castle

Well I finally made it, been on my to visit list for a very long time.  40th birthday seemed like a great excuse to make the effort and what a gorgeous day we had.  

Proper random adventure to get here which was so much fun and giggles.  Savoury cream tea, was a big hit, in a lighthouse of all places.  Swallows swooping and singing all around, with the waves lapping on the shore.

Dunsky castle and bay on a gorgeous sunny day.  Locals tell of dark tails and ghostly goings on... worth a Google perhaps.

Didn't make it to the actual castle, we were having to much fun in the bay below.  Crystal clear water (very cold though), got wet feet climbing about the rocks and exploring.

Port Patrick for ice cream.  Shopping at the market got rhubarb mead and steak pie for dinner.

Stopped of for blueberry and lime cake, with a cup of tea on the way back. Best birthday 

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