By sp33dway

Wrexham Lager

Picked up a few bottles of the newishly-relaunched but still-hard-to-get-hold-of-until-recently Wrexham Lager from the village wine shop today, and have to say it's bluddy good. The weaker version of this used to be everywhere when I was growing up, but when the brewery closed it obviously vanished, much to the dismay of a lot of working men's clubs. Now it's back I really hope it does well.

Wrexham Lager is apparently the oldest lager brewed in Britain, and was the beer served (under a different name) on the Titanic. Quite a coupe for the history books that, eh.

Went to a housewarming party for a client of mine this afternoon. Despite not knowing many people we had a nice enough time just chilling in the garden whilst littleA busied herself in the kiddycorner making sandcastles and sliding on slides and playing badminton. It was a glorious day of sunshine too.

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