While on my runs

By waipushrink

Producing a bow wave

A young adult Weweia, dabchick, came swimming along in one of the subsidiary ponds when I was early in my walk around Western Springs Lake. It ended up being a shorter walk than intended, as I had left my mobile in the car. Thinking that it might be a temptation as it was in full view on the front passenger seat. Rationally, I thought it highly unlikely that anyone would force entry into my car. Irrationally my attention was completely diverted from seeking good photos of birds.

I had already taken standard portraits of a Putangitangi pair. Early settlers labelled the putangitangi the Paradise shelduck. Despite them being rather shy (when I pay them attention) this afternoon's photos are crisp.

However, this action photo of a solitary young Weweia swimming past where I stood on the bank appeals as a better blip. I have just worked out how to post extras (after my whole system was adjusted after an upgrade), and have added the putangitangi pair as extras.

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