By Nanzy19

Down at the dock

I haven't been walking as often nor for as long as usual, giving my knees a bit of a rest. I went for a short walk down to the village this morning just after a ferry left and was surprised to see the lot full. The man in the photo told me that they'd arrived 40 minutes early for the one that just left and didn't make it on. No idea why it would be so busy on a Wednesday morning.
Thought I'd blip part of the scene down at the dock. The Rock Salt is very handy for people who arrive in plenty of time to catch a ferry or for those who miss one and have to wait a couple of hours for the next one. The man is standing at the beginning of the dock where these two were sitting. Off to his right is the path for foot passengers then the exit road for people driving off the ferry. The ferry worker on the far right is standing at the entrance to the parking lot. When the lot is full, like it was this morning, the cars park up the road. It's often quite stressful if we have appointments on Vancouver Island. We always give ourselves plenty of time to catch a ferry earlier than we might need to just to be sure to make appointments on time. Quite a long time ago, I did a rough calculation of how much of my life I've spent driving to ferries, riding on them, then driving to my destination. Scary number of years!  Ferries have been part of our lives forever because of the different places we've lived and jobs that required us to commute. Have to admit that I'd be happy to just stay put on this island and never have to catch another ferry, but that isn't in the cards yet!

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