By Shutterup

Trousers day

Not a breath of wind which means the rain that started early today is still with us.  It has been cold so I have put on jeans for the first time in three weeks (and a long sleeve shirt) and had to succumb to putting on a gilet too... and now a jumper is required!!!  Chillsome!
I was left alone for the day while my other half went off gadding.  He met a friend for coffee near Kirkcaldy then went up north of Perth to see a man about a set of drones he has inherited.  Seemingly they may have been made around 1880 and are not a full size set.. perhaps a 3/4 sized set and in very good condition.  Nice for him to have met a specialist to find out more and to get information on who can help him fit them up to play.  
I in the mean time have done a few household bits and pieces.. slowly thinking about heading home in a few days and started the sorting and tidying up. I did make time to paint too.. this is what I came up with after my sketching session the other day.  
My youngest daughter and boyfriend are coming for supper and to spend a couple of nights.. I am looking forward to that.

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