By Cheeryoscuro

Back normal
A very early start in Faro (5am), made earlier by me fretting about getting to the airport, so we ended up there quite a bit earlier than needed, but better that than stressed eh? (Just don't ask Z for her opinion on it :)
It wasn't too hard to find the car in Cork airport, it's quite a small airport anyway, but also we had ended parking next to a van that has obviously been parked there for several years. Everything on it is years out of date and there is moss growing on the steering wheel. No idea why it's still left there, but its a good landmark if you park nearby.
We called to J in Cork after the airport and managed to catch Autumn as well as she called there too. Then after driving to Clon and picking up a few groceries and a few cooked sausages for Siofra we went further west to the kennels near Baltimore, where she had a great week, but gratifyingly was a ball of wagging tail and licked greetings when she saw us. A walk on the beach on the way home, the sausages duly consumed. 

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