I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 504 ...

... In the dark.

We have been home from vacation since late Wednesday ... and I've been slowly (but surely) working on all my vacation pictures.  I will have lots to catch up on but for now I think it's time that I start posting my current pictures!

My picture today is of a Gray Catbird in the neighbors tree.  It's a bit dark for my tastes but the challenge was for something "in the dark."  And the catbirds will be leaving our area very soon for a warmer winter climate so I was thrilled to get some pictures today of some.   Thanks to Kersko (Kersti) for hosting Mono Monday this month.  It's nice to see new hosts once in a while!

I've been lying low for the past few days (since our return) as I believe I have a rotator cuff tear.  My right shoulder joint has been quite painful ... especially during certain movements.  I watched a You-Tube video put out by a physical therapist that has some test movements you can do to determine if you have torn the rotator cuff.  And I failed them all!  Now the question begs ... will I see a doctor about this?  Only time will tell ...

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