On Some Days

By V1k1

New Day In The Morning . . . Roger Whittaker

Yesterday my lower back seized up but after a nights sleep I awoke to find it a bit easier to get about and could get myself dressed without help :-)
After yesterdays wind the day was calm and the sun was perfectly lighting up the Kowhai Tree.  Not too bright and this is straight from the camera.  The wee wax-eyes gather nectar from the flowers.  It is our national flower.  I had seen a few flowers last week but today it is fully out.  All these new things fit with the song.  I was helped with the song choice by the news saying Roger Whittaker died last week.  He had a beautiful voice and many of his songs featured whistling which is not heard a lot in popular songs.  
I made it to the pool and after ten minutes in the warm water my back was easing further and I  made it to the end of the class.  I am going to the physio on Thursday.    

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