What did I see today...?

By DaveR

St. James

Today saw the splitting up of the group as the healthy (Owen, Mark and Stef) continued their pilgrimage to Finisterra and the injured (myself and Emma) spent the day wandering around Santiago, having a rest and switching to tourist mode to pick up tat from the various shops dotted around the cathedral (which is code for "Yay! I have a new cap!")

As well as this, we also attended the Pilgrim Mass that we'd missed the day before; it's held every day at midday and is in Spanish/Latin - far too challenging for my brain, but I remembered to say the Lord's Prayer in the right place and I could follow the thread of the service fairly well. We were actually joined by Mark for the service and he left straight after to catch up with Owen and Stef (they only had a five hour lead).

As for today's Blip, I was going to go with the amazingly touristy shot of the cathedral taken from the archways of the Consello da Cultura Galega, but while we were at the back of the cathedral I noticed this weathered statue of St James - a very nice alternative.

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PS: Sorry I've been quite slow and non-commenty recently, I have a lot of Blips to catch up on and journals to read - I'll get to it soon! Probably...

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