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Day 5 - Canada

I said goodbye to my cousin Lisa in the morning and left Vancouver Island for the mainland again.  The trip across was just as calm as the first time, thank goodness.  I think I have found some sea legs.  Lol!

When I arrived at the ferry my lift was late, so I managed to catch up with my mum and dad for the first time since last Saturday.  It was so good to hear their voices.  Hopefully I’ll be able to Facetime at some point.

My cousins husband eventually arrived and went to grab a bite to eat in one of these big shopping malls they have in this part of the world.  And today’s first was me trying my first root beer in an A&W.

We then made our way across town to Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, another wonderful green space in the city of Vancouver.  It was good to catch up with my cousin Carol-Ann, as I’d not seen for over 20 years, so we had lots to talk about.  Lol!

Whilst we were walking around, we got talking to quite a few people, they were all very friendly and were asking me where my accent was from.  I said Wales in the UK, and they all knew about Wales and not one said which part of England is it.  Result!

In the evening we had a nice family meal of chicken and sweetcorn, we did have herby potatoes, but we forgot about them.  Doh!

After food we headed back out for an evening stroll along the sea wall.  The sunset was beautiful, and it was a magic end to the day.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Catching up with my mum and dad
2. The hospitality of my cousin Lisa for putting me up and showing me around Vancouver Island
3. The beautiful green spaces of Vancouver and a perfect sunset walk

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