Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Glass fuses. Top one is good, the other two have blown, with the bottom one having blown in a such an extreme manner that the fusewire inside it had vaporised. The two blown ones were from yesterday's amplifier. Good educational stuff for the Students.

Cycled today, but still feeling feeble and loaded with cold bugs. Have been hiding away from folk in a quiet corner of one of labs, and wearing a mask if anyone comes near.

A Ukrainian lass that's learning English, whom I'd met last year on the bus, came by with a friend that was having phone charging issues. Bit of a language barrier, but we eventually found that some of yesterday's rain had leaked inside. That that had been detected by the phone, and we're hoping that drying it out for a day or two is all that's required. Was somewhat taken aback and embarrassed when the lass I'd met previously told me it was her birthday, and then indicated I should kiss her on the cheek. Gestured about my cold, and kept the mask on. Suspect she thinks I'm a lot younger than the reality.

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