By curlynn


I originally set out to post a year of blips and never thought for a minute I'd still be doing it in 1,000 days. I was hoping it would encourage me to use my camera more but most days my phone is just too convenient. Will I keep going without missing a day? I have no intention of stopping but there are times my emergency blips are not something I, or anyone else, would want to see but needs must. Maybe I'll stop doing those.

I really enjoy seeing other peoples photos and always appreciate you taking the time to leave me comments, stars and even the odd heart - thank you :-)

Today I went into Maggie's to help out with some admin from the race day on Monday. It's not something I'm normally asked to do. The task wasn't difficult but it was time consuming and I know how much the team appreciate the help of their volunteers.

The rest of my time today seems to have been taken up arranging curling. The season starts on Monday and the first week is always busy with opening bonspiels. It will be particularly busy for me as I have a game every day for the fist week as well as a coaching session. My muscles won't know what's hit them.

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