By seizetheday

The Red Shed

A flying visit to Wakefield with MrM, who needed to pick up an amplifier he bought a while ago from a friend who runs a music shop there. At least it was supposed to be a flying visit, but when we arrived at the shop the owner had left for a late lunch, so we had an hour to spare until he returned. We walked around the city past some of our old haunts - it's changed immeasurably over the 13 years since we moved away.

This is the Red Shed, still standing next to the big modern shopping centre. It's an old RAF hut that was bought by the Labour Party, and home to the local Labour Party since 1966. It's also used as a meeting place for an array of non-political groups and organisations, as well as being a music venue and a real-ale pub. When I first moved to Wakefield in 1986  I used to go there regularly to CND meetings, and in later years to music events.

Home for a bite to eat after picking up MrM's purchase, then straight out to Huddersfield to the jazz club. An good evening!

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