By amandoAlentejo

Beach Feet

And so another family visit comes to an end.

Lovely to remember how worried she was about the sand and the water just a few days ago, and today she was crawling all over it, enjoying the waves on her feet, and actually eating plenty of the sand. As well as a Cornetto, which she applied liberally all over herself.

The water was so warm, everyone but me went for a swim, and I actually thought, for the first time in ages, that I'd quite enjoy a beach holiday.
Interesting article here, about the benefits of sun exposure.

Extra of the little family. Julia and Tom are out for a moonlit beach walk, small madam is sleeping the sleep of the just. Early start tomorrow.

- safe journey down from Mourão, and the Lissers happy to stay there without us
- Eden's (and her parents') enjoyment of the beach 
- finding a great, local place for dinner, after a few attempts

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