By rainie


A quieter day was what was needed, and that is what I had.
I did give the rose and rhodo that were moved yesterday another drink, but that is all garden wise.
Of course we watched the rugby this morning, whilst a very good win I haven't got that feeling of confidence to go any further than the meeting with Ireland next weekend (providing they beat Scotland that is).
What was a great result when we checked the reports this morning was the outstanding win over England at the Cricket World Cup, and it only took 36 overs to do it.  Well done boys.

I enjoyed the fashion parade evening last night....wine and lovely food too.  The credit card didn't get used, I really couldn't be bothered, just to manic !!

I went out to the bluebell patch to get a close up of one of the wee flowettes on the stem with my 50mm and extension tubes which is what I did, but I also found the ladybird resting on one, so decided to go with it for a change.

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